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Care kit er det mest allsidige settet fra Jason Markk. Settet får jobben gjort riktig enten du er forfriskende til favorittskoene dine eller fjerner sta flekker fra designervesken din.

Care kit settet inneholder en flaske Ready-To-Use foam renseskum, en premium skobørste, Repel impregneringsspray i tillegg til 3 x Quick Wipes.

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Everyday necessities for everyday cleaning. Jason Markk Care Kit is a thoughtful curation of trusted favorites to help clean, condition, and protect anything, anywhere. Jason Markk Ready-To-Use Foam paired with, Premium Cleaning Brush provides a powerful clean that’s gentle enough for delicates. After cleaning, lightly mist Repel Spray for protection from spills, stains, rain, or shine. And in case you’re heading out the door, Jason Markk handy individually packaged Quick Wipe makes it convenient to care on the go.

Safe on all materials such as leather, suede, nubuck, cotton, and knits.

Care Kit features:

  • Superior cleaning ability
  • Safe on all materials
  • Repels stains and liquids

Jason Markk Care Kit Includes:

  • 7oz. Ready-To-Use Foam Cleaner
    Premium cleaning and conditioning power in every pump. Designed with ease in mind, our RTU Foam dispenses the perfect ratio of solution to water for the most effective clean every single time. Safe on all materials – you’re free to pump, scrub, and wipe as you please.
  • 2oz. Repel Spray
    Designed to prepare you for any forecast. Our water-based formula creates a durable, but breathable barrier that safely protects suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, cotton, knits, and all other absorbent materials.
  • Premium Cleaning Brush
    Don’t worry about it, seriously. Crafted from soft hog’s hair bristles and walnut wood, our Premium Brush cleans with care. Gentle for delicate materials.
  • 3 Quick Wipes
    Your ideal companion for convenient, on-the-go clean ups. Our unique dual-textured, raised dot technology caters to both the gentle spills and those stubborn stains.


  • Apply RTU Foam directly onto brush and scrub material in a circular motion
  • Hold Repel bottle upright 6″ to 8″ from material, spray evenly covering the entire surface area
  • Use dotted side of Quick Wipe to clean stubborn stains. Use the smooth side to wipe away excess dirt

Helpful Tips

  • We highly recommend our Premium Microfiber Towel when cleaning absorbent delicate materials such as suede, nubuck, canvas, cottons and knits to effectively pick up dirt and excess solution.

*We do not recommend cleaning unsealed, painted leather. Use extra care when cleaning dyed suede as its color is likely to bleed with any contact with water. The Jason Markk Premium Cleaning Brush is recommended for cleaning delicate materials such as premium leather, suede or cotton mesh.

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Additional information

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 22 cm


Jason Markk

Since 2007 Jason Markk offers premium cleaning compounds, weather-proofing and wipes made with natural ingredients, which keep your sneakers looking box fresh long after the tags are popped. Loved and approved by sneakers lovers.
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